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Atlanta’s Agile Lab For

Creators and Projects

SeedWorks helps you push your ideas FORWARD.



Attend our Monthly Open SeedWorks meeting and tell us about yourself and your project or idea ( script, play, grant etc…). This is the first step to learn about who we are, our community and how SeedWorks can help you and your idea. We want to know you,  what are you offering and what you are asking for?


Our artist community and program thrives on building new connections, collaboration through artists network and constructive inputs. After your initial meeting and  subsequent ones, you may connect with or be assigned a facilitator.


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You  start building, fine tuning and creating and a road map for your project at your own pace. Your facilitator will guide through  SeedWorks process stages  to further elaborate and develop your idea or project until ready to showcase or potentially present to investors.

SeedWorks step by step development program helps artists clarify, prioritize and push their work forward;  ultimately connecting them and their work, to increased opportunity, impact and possibly investment.

SeedWorks Process Stages

STEP 1: The Offering (your project)

The process begins with the creator offering a project, an idea, or a desire to get involved in an existing SeedWorks project. This first step is less about pleasing a committee for approval but rather asking “What am I offering to do?” Send a short paragraph with basic information about your idea to


STEP 2: Clarifications (8 Questions)

The second phase of SeedWorks involves a set of questions for you about your project or idea. The purpose is to go a bit deeper and for others involved in SeedWorks to better understand how the idea fits into your career goals and what exactly you hope to accomplish. This phase is not about approving anything, but rather understanding what you aim to accomplish and how.


STEP 3: Connecting to the Community (1-1-1)

In this phase you create short descriptions of your project which will be the basis for your open-source planning, acquiring resources, and finding collaborators if desired. Your descriptions may also be used for press coverage, to provide clear information to your team, and if needed, the public. Your descriptions are also used in tracking, to create a strong record or backstory of your progress, which can be useful for fundraising and receiving other support and buy-in. For the 1-1-1 you will create written descriptions of one page, one paragraph, and one line.


STEP 4: A Deeper Dive (5-5-5)

This is where you can lay out your plans live and in more detail to other SeedWorks creators for feedback, and help. By this point you should have a basic checklist of planning steps to ensure your work is viable, the budget (income/expense) is thought-out, your team is engaged, and your roadmap forward is connected to those who can help you meet the goals you set for yourself. For the 5-5-5, you have 5 minutes to lay out your project, 5 minutes for clarifying questions, and 5 for a general discussion.


The Next 4 Steps: Building your Project

Once the foundation of your planning has started in earnest, and your needs are identified, the real work begins to get your project on its feet. Not necessarily to create your masterpiece, but to create a version, or an “early look” – a proof-of-concept – in the manner you choose. A pilot episode, a workshop production, an investor packet, a reading, or anything else you see fit to help you gain support in the project (presentation, audiences, press, funding, etc.)

SeedWorks is an Open Source Incubation process for your ideas to develop and become sustainable.

Get Started. Submit a Project

Have questions? Send us a note below. 

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