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Tim Habeger is the co-director of PushPush Arts. Tim worked with Ellen Stewart at La Mama and Terra Incognita in his early career. He was an ensemble member at The Neighborhood on Theater Row, while teaching film at AMDA. He received a Rockefeller award for Arts Education with former students including Deborah Kampmeier, David Cross, Sahr Ngaujah, Daniel Pettrow, and Donald Glover. In Atlanta, he co-developed The Portal International Exchange Program, providing hundreds of artist exchanges. In filmmaking, he co-developed Dailies Filmmakers, a formidable underground workshop that launched numerous careers and produced 250 short films, 20 hybrid media productions and several features including, The Signal, which premiered at the Sundance Festival and was nominated for a Cassavettes’ Spirit Award. Tim is a recipient of many grants and awards and his scripts and adaptations have toured in Germany, Argentina and France, including Faust Module, funded by the US Department of State. Tim serves as a voting member of the PushPush Board and heads up the Arts programming committee.

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