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PushPush Workshops An Offbeat ‘Artificial Island’

By Bert Osborne, For the AJC

May 24, 2022

The artists and administrators with most theater companies would likely bristle at any suggestion that one of their productions could still use a little more work. Tim Habeger, on the other hand, a director and co-founder of the plucky PushPush Arts, an organization that has been operating around town in some form or fashion for roughly 25 years now, might actually take it as a compliment.

The bulk of my previous experience seeing and/or reviewing PushPush shows dates way back to the 2005-2009 era, when the group was based in Decatur, staging generally traditional (if decidedly low-budget) plays by everyone from Albee, Pinter and Coward, to Brecht, Chekhov and Shakespeare. But, since then, PushPush has evolved into what its website refers to as an “arts incubator,” experimenting with immersive or multidisciplinary workshops that focus on original, locally generated material: “We are not a commercial theater hoping to sell tickets for popular plays.” In 2019, as a partner in the Conversion Project, an arts-driven cooperative, the company relocated to College Park. While awaiting the imminent completion of a renovated facility in the city’s downtown district that will ultimately include a performance cafe, multiple galleries and studio spaces, and even affordable housing units, PushPush is utilizing a “theater annex” situated upstairs at a nearby church.

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